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In ancient Japan, Geishas and Samurai were required to wear an essential attire to execute their duties - either performing before an audience or going into battle: the traditional garment with square sleeves and rectangular body known as Kimono.

Its style varies depending on the occasion, the season, the wearer's age, and even marital status. Whilst the rest world thousand of years ago was still developing societal structures, the Japanese were already advancing in fashion. Not to mention them being responsible for the sole creation of the tattoo art form, thus becoming a worldwide and established phenomenon.

Art lies in what we do, how we visually and verbally express ourselves; nonetheless in what we wear.

Although being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro - BR, in Bruno Freitas' eyes and heart, all those elements made sense - some might even say he was supposed to be born in Japan. To him, such a merging of concepts felt logical; fascinated with Japanese art and culture since childhood, he set out to dream big: implement his 20+ years of experience in North-American territory, build his shop and develop a new concept for tattoo studios. By sheer focus, hard work, and discipline (only equal to the Japanese), the effort paid off: besides being internationally awarded throughout his career, he achieved his dream in South Florida.

Located in Deerfield Beach, just one hour up north from Miami, the Black Kimono Tattoo shop is Bruno's professional sanctuary, where he gets to keep his dream alive - not only by making his clients' visions come to life but also by promoting workshops, training interns and inviting guest artists with the utmost respect and courtesy.

The shop has been providing a safe, clean and positive tattooing experience for years. The clients are well-received and friendly-accommodated by the responsible and knowledgeable tattoo artists - each with their unique set of skills and a keen eye for detail.

As old-fashioned as it might seem, it is the client's satisfaction that matters the most at the end of the day, so they can feel comfortable with a piece of art in their own skin, as a perfect kimono would.

That's how mission statements are made. Because to Bruno, that's how well-known traditions are built and great art is made - with the purpose to be everlasting.

What is old is new again.

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